This is me. This is my future.

Wedding Planner

Some careers favor a woman and wedding planning is one of them. After high school, my parents were not in a very good financial position to sponsor my college education. The state of the economy contributed to that and they lost a large portion of their savings trying to save the house. Not that I was really excited about going to college. But I know it affected them.

I took this as an opportunity to try alternative education and internship and found that there was no specific academic qualification required to be a wedding planner. Conversely, I had already considered this as a career way back and managed to get internship at a close family friend?s agency.

What I missed out on college became apparent during training and I soon learnt what I had to in a relatively short but impressive period of time. I also developed a good rapport with many clients and suppliers. Armed with this knowledge and skills, I was able to save my income while staying at home to build enough capital and start my own business within our locality.

I have no regrets and while my friends are still in class, I am already expanding my business. My friend is there and he has been helping me with increasing my income and getting loans because we have been growing so fast.

Wish me luck!

Wine Tour

I recently visited the vineyards of California in a group of friends and it was an experience I will not forget in a while. The weather in California is pleasant and warm. The people are equally friendly. One of the girls had a wealthy aunty who invited us to spend a week there so we set off during the summer break. I pictured the environment, and imagined relaxing in such a vibrant atmosphere.

On reaching there, my imaginations flew out of the window. We were put to work the following morning together with the rest of the farm workers and toiled in a way that I had never experienced in my life. It didn?t matter whether you were male or female and being a city girl used to all the creature comforts and pampering made it worse.

But the good thing about it was at the end of the day, there was an unlimited supply of wine and good food. I learnt that there are certain jobs where gender is of no significance even if it is very physical and demanding. I also realized that such jobs are more rewarding and interesting than the normal jobs that women restrict themselves to.